Steering Wheel Covers!


Black & White Chevron
Multi Color Chevron
Navy & White Chevron
Steering wheel covers! The perfect protection for scorching hot or freezing cold steering wheels! They are available in all sorts of different colored chevron fabrics and designs. Email with what design and colors you're interested in! The steering wheel covers sell for $15 each, with $3 for shipping. {paypal accepted} Check out my Etsy shop to order! 
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Cheetah Print
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Zebra Print

M & M Print
Gray & White Chevron
ASU Print & AZ Cardinals Print


  1. Steering wheel not only provide better interior and decorative look but also give a better grip to the driver. You should use stylish and firm cover for the stylish look and better grip. These covers come in variety of sizes, colors and designs. Most of the steering covers are made up of leather and rubber but sometimes stainless steel and wood can also be used to exotic look of the wheel. Michael

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  3. How do you make a steering wheel out of suede and yarn? Suede is material, so how do you propose to loom knit that with yarn??? best steering wheel cover

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