About Sew Dew It!

Hi!  Thanks for visiting!

My name is K*T Dew and I love to sew, hence Sew Dew it!  I get my inspiration from 3 kids.  {Sometimes I get ideas from the wonderful blogs I link to as well, check them out!}  I started out by sewing ties for guys of all sizes but have since branched off to more sewing projects and "Boytique" just didn't seem appropriate for the other project and ideas I have!  ;)  I'm a stay at home mama and I love to get my creativity out between naps & diaper changes!  I just started selling at a local boutique, Contagious in Mesa, AZ so come see my goods if you're a local!  Sometimes I put off things due to my kiddos runnin the house so I have to remind myself to just buckle down & get it done and tell myself,

"So do it! aka Sew Dew it!"  :)