Quiet Books

I'm really excited for this new product! Some people have never heard of a quiet book so I'll give you a brief explaination of what they are. A quiet book is a soft book and each page has a cute activity to keep your little one busy when you need them quiet. Hence the name...Quiet Book! :) These are great for church, doctor appointments, restaurants, etc...whenever you need to keep your child busy and quiet. Another thing that is great about them is they help teach your child different skills. Such as, zipping a zipper, buttons, snaps, tying a shoe string and many others. Take a browse through the pictures and there will be an explaination for each page. You can choose from the pages shown below. New pages will be added as they are available. Please note that colors and materials may vary from the designs shown below. Please allow 10-14 business days to complete your order. Contact SewDewIt to order and for pricing at sewdewit@gmail.com. Enjoy!

Cover with velcro strap. The cover letters may be customized.

Button the Flowers

What time is it?-Clock to help child learn numbers and tell time.

Make My Face-Clown face with velcro pieces.

Lace the Football

Hang the Clothes-Comes with mini clothes pins (not pictured) to attach clothes to the clothesline. Clothes can also be put into the basket.

Zip-What's Inside? Ladybug zips open and closed. Inside are 3 baby ladybugs.

Put Your Hand Into My Mitten

Bake Cupcakes-Oven door opens and has hot pad attached. Cupcakes come out of the cups and can go into the oven for pretend cooking. Each cupcake has the amount of sprinkles on them as shown on their cup so child can learn counting and numbers.

Pockets-3 Pockets hold items for coloring and drawing. A pencil/pen pocket, a paper pocket and a crayon pocket.

Race Track-Great for boys who love cars! The gray pouches are little "garages" and can hold your typical Hot Wheels sized car.

Match my Colors-Balloons snap on. Great for teaching kids their colors, how to match colors and to use snaps.

Snap on My Shapes-Shapes snap on. Great for teaching kids shapes, how to match shapes and how to use snaps.

Braid My Hair-Yarn hair can be braided.

Tie My Bow-Cat's bow can be tied. Tail can also be braided.

Train-Middle cars are pockets.

All quiet books are handmade. Colors and materials may vary from those shown. Books may contain small pieces, which can be a choking hazard. Please use caution around small children. Contact SewDewIt to order! sewdewit@gmail.com

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  1. I'm saving my money to get one for my boys! I LOVE these books!!! I'm going to feature it on my blog, hope you don't mind!